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smart sensor devices & networks

DutchSense is a modular sensor network system. With the smart DutchSense building blocks any kind of sensor application can be realized within days. The controller can be combined with various sensors, power supplies and connectivity blocks. The live dashboard might be used to manage your devices and view and analyze your data.

Modular building blocks:

Dutch Sense is a modular system. This means that multiple standardized components can be combined and can be implemented without limits for a plurality of different applications. Dutch Sense is easy and fast to implement which results in a reduced investment and lead time.

By using new technology, like energy harvester devices, small and efficient storage devices, single-chip ultra-low-power wireless microcontrollers, wireless sensors node solutions are now commercially viable and commonplace technology.

  • 1: sensor

  • 2: connectivity

  • 3: dutchsense controller

  • 4: power supply

custom housing design

Live dashboard

Data from the applied sensors is translated into manageable information which is shown in a graphical and convenient manner. Dutch Sense focusses on the users of the system and therefore lots of consideration goes towards the user interface.